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New York State No- Fault Regulations 

As New Yorkers, many of us know that we live and drive in a no- fault state…


...but what does that mean?


Dating back to the 1970s, the New York State No- Fault Law was created in drivers’ best interest. In simplest terms, No- Fault Law ensures that insurance companies pay for automobile accident related medical expenses, which can include costs associated with lost wages, regardless of who carries the fault of the accident. Additionally, this protects the interests of the at- fault driver, as No- Fault Law prevents negligent parties from being sued personally— only through insurance. No- Fault Law helps keep insurance companies accountable; this ensures that compensation is awarded quickly and expeditiously, sparing accident survivors of a long and arduous legal battle. 


New York State No- Fault Law applies to pedestrians, passengers, drivers, and cyclists injured by an automobile. In order to qualify for coverage under this law, the following must apply:


  • The accident must have occurred in New York State

  • The vehicle, which includes taxis, busses, trucks, and cars—not motorcycles—must be registered in New York State

  • The vehicle must be insured by a policy sold in New York State, or issued through a company that is licensed to practice in New York 


It is also important to note that riders of vespas, certain sized scooters, motorcyclists, and individuals injured as the result of operating a vehicle while intoxicated are not covered under No- Fault Law.

All of the above can feel very confusing, leaving you feeling unsure if you qualify for a claim. Not to worry— teaming up with an attorney at Beck Law P.C. can help you understand whether you qualify for a claim under New York State No- Fault Law 

Under No- Fault Law, individuals are eligible to apply for up to $50,000 in benefits from their auto policy. This process can be very difficult to navigate, as it is extremely time- limited. Typically, individuals must apply to recover No-Fault insurance benefits within 30 daysof the given incident.  Unfortunately, for individuals who have been injured at the hands of a negligent driver, insurance companies try their hardest to settle claims for substantially less than the injured party is entitled to. 


This is why the experienced attorneys at Beck Law, P.C. are right for you! By teaming up with one of the dedicated attorneys at Beck Law, P.C., we can work to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Contact Beck Law, P.C. today at (516) 388-7785 for a free consultation, and let us fight for you!



Serious Injury Threshold:


The New York State No- Fault Law prevents at- fault drivers from being sued personally. However, victims of a negligent driver are eligible to bring a personal injury claim against the the at- fault party if injuries satisfy New York’s “serious injury’ threshold. 


At Beck Law, P.C., we understand how difficult the days, weeks, and months following a serious automobile accident can be. Our sensitive, experienced attorneys will work with you to determine if your claim does indeed meet the serious injury threshold. This can include any of the following:


  • Bone fracture

  • Death

  • Full disability for at least 90 days out of 180 days

  • Loss of a fetus

  • Permanent body organ or member disability

  • Significant body function or system limitations

  • Significant disfigurement 


Under New York State Law, there is a three- year time limit to file a personal injury claim following an accident. There are, however, exceptions to this law, which is why working with an attorney from Beck Law, P.C. can make the difference for you and your loved ones. 


Even when insurance companies do offer settlements to survivors, they are often far from a fair and reasonable amount based on the damages sustained. The attorneys at Beck Law, P.C. will conduct an in- depth review of your case to ensure that you are receiving maximum due compensation. If an insurance company has made an offer, do not accept until you have consulted with one of our attorneys! 


Following an automobile accident, especially one where great damage has been sustained, filing a claim is not always your top priority. Fortunately, getting you maximum compensation is our priority here at Beck Law, P.C. While you focus on recovering and caring for your loved ones, our experienced automobile accident attorneys have the experience and expertise to help guide you toward making a decision that will work best for your needs, while making sure that your pain and suffering is not undervalued. 


Contact Beck Law, P.C. today at (516) 388-7785 for a free consultation.